Huse was founded at the time when I decided to combine years of professional experience in business management with passion for sports and healthy lifestyle.

During my trip to China I spotted that elderly people were practicing Tai Chi or training on exercise machines in the open air – all in order to maintain mental and physical vitality. While studying the market of outdoor gyms I discovered a huge economic and social potential in this area.

And so it began…


I’ve created a socially responsible company which realizes business goals by creating new places to play sports without any restrictions. We want to develop the space around us, like parks, playgrounds, gas stations, housing estates, retirement homes etc., by locating equipment for outdoor exercise. We know the importance of physical activity, but sometimes it has no place or means, which is why we want the regular workouts were possible for all.

We hope that you will share our vision by becoming our client and supporting our undertakings.

Sebastian Hulbój, CO


Huse Company is a trusted producer of outdoor gyms with years of experience in the industry. We remain on the market because of innovative ideas and extraordinary solutions concerning custom gyms. On this web page you can see some arrangements of our outdoor gyms, designed and made on individual order for many investors in various cities. Our devices are solid, resistant to adverse weather conditions and they will serve well for years. We guarantee stability and quality of our products, which attract both sport amateurs and professionals.

Gyms in the open air are becoming increasingly popular – not only because of the promotion of healthy and active lifestyle, but also by its general accessibility. Often they arise in recreation centers and near the hotels and parks, enabling a convenient solution for a growing group of users not having time for workout on traditional gym. We know that not only the look of the devices is important, but most of all – safety and high quality of presented products. Gym equipment made by Huse is wind and waterproof and resistant for chipping paint. Thanks to innovative production methods our outdoor gyms are solid and durable and can be used even by older children (under adult care). You can also find in our offer kits for seniors and disabled in a wheelchair.

If you are looking for a reliable producer of outdoor gyms that cares not only about the appearance of the equipment but also about the quality, safety and client satisfaction – Huse is the answer for your expectations. We would like to take you through our full business variety and invite you to contact us.